First Long Stay at an RV Park

Good day fellow RVers and Live Your Life Fully adventurers…

Upon our new adventure here to Texas from California we have picked a nice place out in the country (so to speak) in which to reside, Shady Creek RV Park (link below):

Here in Texas and at Shady Creek we are learning more about being in an RV full time and how to manage the tidiness of such a small place that is just under 200 square feet.  From coming from a brick and mortar 2/2/2 in California to an RV is quite the change.  But, I have to say that our kitties, our babies, have adjusted very well.


May I introduce Hawkeye, Jerry (dark fur Maincoon), Dorothy & Lil”Bit.  All rescues of course!

As for our new rig, it’s a Forest River Flagstaff RV V-Lite



The space within seems to work very well thus far (more to follow on this particular RV aspect itself) and we are ready for our new adventures with our four (4) fur babies.  It’s all a work in progress, but we are working hard towards getting on the road full-time.

Happy travels everyone and may you have a fabulous day!





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